A collaboration in a constant modus operandi. Began in February 2000 jahmaxproject started out as a musical endeavor to explore the possibilities of working together primarely through the world wide web.

The 2 members would each select a number of sounds and send them to eachother through the internet. The received sounds would then be re-edited and transformed into different sounds and then be send back to eachother. In this manner a database was created which contained the ingredients of the compositions they then set out to produce, independentely or as a team, working together and battling eachother.

Thus far the jahmaxproject-discography counts 3 albums which are clearly marked by a joy in experimentations in both structure and texture.
In June 2002 a new direction was taken when both players put their heads together and decided it was time to include visual material in the cocktail. This has resulted in several audiovisual projects and lay the foundation of the JMP website.

The website is currently defunct.



jahmaxproject is:

PIGMAN, den haag, nederland
, buenos aires, argentina